City School, Vancouver, B.C.

The atmosphere in City School may seem casual compared to a regular school, but everybody here is responsible for making it a place where learning is respected as serious business and people can study what they need and want to learn.

Most field studies (workshops, plays, conferences, lectures) happen during school hours, but some are overnight or longer, such as camping, science trips or cultural exchanges.

    Because there's more out there.

There's such a large disconnect between regular high school and learning.  I never went to school to learn... it felt more like just a social construct with classes, usually classes involving neither the teachers nor the students being engaged or interested. I'm so glad that City School exists; it's been such a life-changer.  ~ Gemma S.


I’ve met a lot of nice people at this school who are really interesting and motivated in school. ~ Iris R.

What I appreciate most about City School is that students and teachers are on more level ground than students and teachers in mainstream schools.  The notion of having to ask permission to use the washroom is ridiculous. ~ Cosima C.

Here at City School we focus on incorporating outside learning opportunities with regular school curriculum.  We discard the traditional rigidity of the classroom schedule and replace it with a more independent and engaging workspace. ~ Devan V.