City School, Vancouver, B.C.
        City School is a VSB district mini-school established in 1971 to offer experiential learning to students in elementary and secondary grades.  45 years later, we have evolved to offer Grade 10, 11 and 12 students a fascinating mix of courses leading to a variety of post-secondary choices, still using "the city as our classroom."  September, 2014 saw the launch of our Project Based Learning initiative, a return to the personalized learning of our earliest years.
        The students who come to City School have at least one thing in common - they all chose to leave their traditional high schools because they wanted a different kind of learning environment. They prefer to spend their days in a much smaller group of people; they are prepared to set their own goals and take on more responsibility for their own learning, with teachers who will know them and their families pretty well by the time they graduate.      
        Read what our students and alumni have to say about us and then download the application to come and join us!